Paul Hayden

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Official Title: A/V Systems Engineer

I am married to my wonderful wife Felicia, a father of our three amazing children, grandfather of 6 wonderful grandchildren, and great-grandfather of one off-the-chart amazing, beautiful, and highly intelligent great grandbaby. I am so amazed and thankful to be a part of the Greater Works that are being accomplished in the name of Jesus here at Eagle Mountain International Church.

As I was growing up, I had an acquaintance with Jesus through my aunt and grandmother. They loved the Lord and went to church often. This was my exposure to Christianity until early adulthood when I decided that I no longer believed in God. Many worldly influences and immediate family tragedies led to this loss of faith. But then in December 1991, I had an undeniable powerful personal experience with the Lord Jesus that left me no logical direction to go. It was at this point that I received and confessed Jesus as my savior. Since that time, it has been an amazing journey with the Lord working mightily in my life continually. From healings to miraculous financial provisions to subtle intricacies that have been amazing. I am excited each day to see what the Lord will do.

I serve in the position of A/V Systems Engineer I perform A/V systems integration, design/maintain/expand our large AoIP network. I also perform streaming media content delivery production/management, broadcast/streaming media audio engineer A2/A1 duties. Together with an amazing team of artists and engineers, I help extend our pastors and ministers reach to the uttermost parts of the earth through TV, radio, streaming media, and other recorded ministry and music at Eagle Mountain International Church.