Lu Eason

About Lu Eason

My name is Lu Eason, and I have been with the ministry for 15 years. I have two grown children and five grandchildren. They, of course, are a great joy and blessing in my life, and I thoroughly enjoy being Nana.

My current assignment is Sr. Executive Assistant coordinating our Guest Speakers, here on the Mountain.  I also assist Traci Newberry who assists Pastors George and Terri Pearsons, Sr. Pastors of EMIC.  Together we are fulfilling the mandate the Lord has given to this great ministry.  This is the Revival Capital of the World, and a place where JESUS IS LORD!

My parents went to Amarillo, TX to have me, and right back to Oklahoma after I was born. So in some ways, I guess you could say I am a “native” Texan, but that maybe stretching it some. I have had the privilege of serving in many capacities for Kenneth Copeland Ministries, and I am now on my third assignment with EMIC. What a blessing the Copeland family and this great team are to me!