Illa Green

About Illa Green

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Official Title: SKA Service Team Coordinator

My name is Illa. I am married to Rashad, my best friend, and partner in faith. I have two beautiful little girls, and they are my priceless treasures. I’ve moved and lived in so many places that I’ve found living at the feet of my Jesus is where I am at home. I love people, and I love adventures in faith. I enjoy travel, all kinds of food, experiencing different cultures, swimming, and horseback riding. The beach is my absolute favorite place to be.

I was born in Virginia. At age seven my heart was deeply touched to pray for a people in a certain nation. During these times of prayer, I told God I would serve Him all my life. At age 10 I publicly received Jesus as my Savior. My family moved to Kenya, East Africa in 1995 to do missionary work. Then we moved to Tanzania in 1997. There, I met the International Directors of Jerry Savelle Ministries Tanzania. Through them, I heard the hope-filled, life-changing Word of Faith message for the first time and was divinely connected to the ministry there. I became so hungry for more of God and His precious Word. It became the reason I lived.

In 2002 the Lord miraculously opened doors for me to move to Texas. The Lord knew I was hungry for more of Him and surprised me by sending me to Jerry Savelle’s Bible School. My life was eternally impacted by the rich Word I received there. Two years later I met my husband, we were married and moved to Austin, Texas. Then in 2012 the Lord connected our hearts to the EMIC family, we became E-members and watched every service online for a year, then the Lord relocated us to be a part of the local EMIC family in Ft Worth, TX. We’ve been so grateful and thrilled to be a part of the vision/mission here! We’re hungry, learning, growing, serving, fulfilled and loving it!

I am part of the SKA team as the Service Team Coordinator for the 3-year-old class in our preschool. I coordinate the teams for our weekly services. I have the privilege of serving our amazing volunteers and families. Together we disciple our 3-year-olds intensely in the Word of God, teaching them an uncommon faith helping them to stand victorious in life and have tons of fun doing it!