Darcy Veer

About Darcy Veer

Name: Darcy Veer
Email address: dveer@emic.org

I’m Darcy Veer, and my sweet wife is Shelly. We have three amazing children, Kaylee, Sophie and Zachary who bring so much life to our home. I was born in Vancouver, Canada and spent my formative years on the mission field in Germany on the border of Switzerland and France where I went to a little missionary school in the Black Forest hills. Yes, it was beautiful!

Growing up on the mission field, with parents who made me and my siblings integral in the ministry, shaped who I became. I was always involved in music and sound. I later went to Oral Roberts University and studied Music Composition and Technology and more importantly met my wife. I had full intentions of returning to Europe, but God had other plans for me.

I now oversee the audio department here at Eagle Mountain Church. I’m part of a wonderful team of gifted people who love what they do. We get to support the huge vision and plans God has set before this church and our Pastors. It’s an adventure, and I love being here.