Christy Nerren

About Christy Nerren

My name is Christy Nerren I have two wonderful boys and 2 wonderful grandchildren.  I was born and raised in east Texas as I grew older I moved to South Texas and now I’m here in North Texas.

I was introduced to Brother Copeland when I was a child through my mother, she then  had me watching and going to the conventions throughout my years,  I absolutely enjoyed it. I enjoyed it so much that as I grew older I then began to volunteer almost every year for the Convention.

I have worked in areas of retail, municipal government and non-profit organizations. My greatest experience in life was working with the non-profit organization.  God taught me so much through the years; on how to listen to people, learn  people as well as to love on people. Through His spirit and truth it has made me a better person.  During this time of working for the organization I began to watch EMIC and then received the knowing in my spirit that it was time to move and become part of EMIC.

It didn’t take long for me to move to Ft. Worth in 2016.  Not knowing what the next step in tailed  for my life. I then proceeded to step out in Faith, and that’s when God then placed me in the bookstore.  I truly knew in my spirit that was the next step as well as season for my life.   I’m very excited and honored to be working in such a great environment with people that show the love of God to others and to learn so much more.