Chris Griffith

About Chris Griffith

My name is Gary Griffith, this is my 35th year at Kenneth Copeland Ministries where I have had the privilege of being a part of all the exciting history of the mission of Kenneth and Gloria Copeland and have worked closely with Pastor’s George and Terri Pearsons both at KCM and at EMIC.

I was born in Alabama, and raised in Texas. I traveled all over the world for the Ministry working closely with all the international offices and providing TV and logistical support for all of Kenneth Copeland’s meetings on the mission field. These historic life-changing meetings reached every corner of the globe – from the jungles of Central America and Africa; to the blazing heat of the Pacific Islands; all the way to the frozen cities of Russia – ministering the Word of God and declaring that Jesus is Lord!

I am the Video Engineer and Media Tech Team Leader for Eagle Mountain Church as we move from our roots in broadcast Television to the New Media of the Internet.

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