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Official Title: Education Ministry Assistant


My name is Charity Shelton. I was born and raised in Southern California with my three sisters by my amazing parents who have been pastors since I was little. I am married to my best friend Stephen Shelton and mom to our 1-year old son Joel. I am passionate about bringing the Kingdom of God to earth. I desire to connect people to Jesus through education, counseling, and music. I enjoy spending time with my family, going to movies, and traveling.

Being born into a pastor’s family, Jesus was introduced to me at a very young age. I have been following Him since I can remember. I am so thankful for the gift of faith that my parents instilled in me and the partnership they had had with KCM since before I was born that has been a huge blessing to us. I have been serving in the ministry since I was 12 in various areas. I was blessed to attend Oral Roberts University after high school and earn my bachelor’s degree in Communications where I met my husband, Stephen. We were a part of a traveling worship team where we were able to go to travel locally and internationally sharing Jesus through music. We were married 2012 and served together in ministry in Southern California in various areas- Worship ministry, Youth Ministry, and Young Adults Ministry. After I graduated from ORU, I felt a calling towards counseling ministry and earned my Master’s degree in Educational Counseling from Liberty University. In addition to serving in the local church, I have worked at Disney and then Biola University in the areas of communications and academic counseling. In 2016, my husband and I felt the call of God to relocate to Fort Worth, Texas and be a part of EMIC.

I am the Education Ministry Assistant, which means I assist in the planning, coordination, implementation, and evaluation of education and discipleship-related ministry at EMIC. I serve as a resource in the areas of education and counseling for our teams and church members. I am passionate about creating programs and resources that deepen others’ relationship with the Lord. I desire to see people understand their faith and be able to walk-out scripture in daily life as well as have healthy relationships. I also serve on the worship team. I am passionate about serving in any way I can and am happy to do whatever it is that God calls me to that brings people to Jesus.