Arts and Media

Although the title sounds much like a university program, Arts & Media is one of the ministries of Eagle Mountain Church.

What exactly does Arts & Media involve you might ask.

Good question! Under the broad description of Arts & Media, our team is made up of the following departments:

Sounds fun? ABSOLUTELY!

What we do here at Eagle Mountain Church is communicate and implement Pastors George and Terri’s vision. We strive to create a wonderful and meaningful experience for all who attend Eagle Mountain Church, from lighting and sound to music and video presentations to print pieces and product offers. We leverage technology to better serve and minister to our congregation via:

Our aim in Arts & Media is to not only reach and attract the adults within our community but also the younger generation. Through innovation and the creative process of utilizing technology we hope to connect and motivate young people to also get involved with church and ministry. Through this avenue that we have, and the God-given resources at our disposal, we can train and develop this next generation to become future leaders.

That’s us in a nutshell. If you’re in the area, stop by and visit us at Eagle Mountain. If you’re not so close, tune in to our live online services. Post your comments and greetings on our Facebook fan page. Connecting with you is ultra important to us!

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