EMIC Operations Manager

Position Summary:
Under minimal supervision, assists the Director of the Church with administrative and operational responsibilities of EMIC including budget and financial oversight, personnel management, training and development, information systems, contact management, social media, communications, internet safety/security issues, facilities and office space planning. Direct supervisor for a team of support staff. Provides leadership to all administrative, support, and opertions teams. Works with all EMIC, KCBC & KCM departments to ensure successful implementation and follow through on all projects, activities, and events.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provide Coaching, Teaching, Training, Mentoring (CTTM) to the staff.  Model, lead and manage well, including excellent communication of expectations and follow through on action items and measurable goals to ensure a healthy staff.
  • Develop and maintain a working storage plan of all church materials, minimizing clutter and increasing accessibility, organization, and accountability of materials.
  • Establish, monitor, and manage Church Operational Metrics and reporting.  Provides detailed and rational explanation of all noted positive and negative trends in a timely fashion.
  • Meets all deadlines and enforces deadlines with all assigned staff.
  • Ensures administrative soundness, overall communication, cost control, results analysis and organizational continuity in accomplishing overall vision and priorities.  Continually reviews responsibilities, processes, and procedures for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Provides leadership to administrative and support teams and leaders.  Responsible for the office structure and flow, evaluating and training support personnel.  Ensures work environment maintains atmosphere conducive to spiritual growth and development.
  • Assists EMIC Leadership to help develop and equip each staff member for the work of the ministry, ensure training, equipping, and coaching.
  • Assists Director in the management and oversight of budgets providing accountability on all expenditures continually analyzing major and operational expenditures.  Works with EMIC departments and Accounting to plan and prepare budgets, and streamline process for effective stewardship of all resources and purposed to the fulfillment of Church mandates.
  • Works with Director to analyze service and program attendance, income and other financial reports to identify patterns and trends and assess effectiveness of outreaches, programs, personnel and volunteer needs, etc.
  • Compiles quarterly and annual reports for Director of the Church.  Prepares the annual Board Report.  Responsible for setting and attaining SMART goals and managing issues related to those goals.
  • Coordinates with other EMIC lead staff and project manager to oversee all departmental computer systems and congregation member database to ensure effective utilization and accuracy, continuity and consistency with computer software and systems related to congregation database, HR, and Purchasing systems.
  • Acts as a resource to coordinate continuous educational training for the staff on computer systems, processes and new software that may be implemented.
  • Assists Director to oversee and manage daily operations with respect to facilities, office and space planning, office equipment, chair/seating configurations, supplies and materials, etc.
  • Assists in overseeing and implementing the procedures for new employees joining the EMIC staff, including training schedules, preparing work environment, etc.
  • Keeps Procedural Manuals updated and distributed.  Oversees office procedures as related to Kronos and vacation schedules.
  • Assists in overseeing office volunteer program.  Works with and assists in training departmental leaders to determine volunteer needs, plan for staffing, recruit, place, utilize and train volunteers.
  • Oversees the administrative support to the Director and Church pastoral staff.
  • Works with various KCM departments and other KCM leadership to provide insight, analysis and information to review processes, procedures and work flows.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Supervisory Responsibility:
Provides supervision and leadership to technical, administrative and support teams.  Responsible for the departmental structure and organizational processes, evaluating and training support personnel.  Ensures work environment maintains atmosphere conducive to spiritual growth and development.

Job Requirements:

Education and Experience:

  • Associates Degree required
  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Minimum of five years Operations Management experience. Two years of verifiable leadership experience managing people, projects and budgets.
  • Have experience with Microsoft Office, Power Point, Excel, Microsoft Outlook Programs
  • Strong organizational, analytical and written and verbal communication skills.
  • Self-motivated and proactive
  • Verifiable history of continuous and focused operational improvements

Equipment To Be Used:

  • Windows Operating System
  • Copy Machine
  • Calculator

Typical Physical Demands:

  • Must be able to sit at a computer for a minimum of seven hours per day.
  • Requires manual dexterity sufficient to operate standard office machines such as computers, fax machines, calculators, telephones and other office equipment.
  • Must be able to walk moderate distances across the ministry properties.

Typical Mental Demands:

  • Ability to give, receive and analyze information, formulate work plans, prepare written materials and articulate goals and action plans.
  • Ability to assign accountability and due dates for all action planning efforts which are linked to overall organizational work efforts.
  • Must be very organized and detail oriented.
  • Must understand vague and implicit instructions, and react favorably in all work situations.
  • Must be detailed, organized and communicative.
  • Must be task and goal oriented.
  • Requires the ability to multi-task.
  • Must be able to grasp and apply new ideas, giving full support to church leadership initiatives.
  • Must be able to resolve problems, manage conflict and make effective decisions.
  • Must be able to discern spiritual situations, and be willing and able to pray with people.
  • Must relate and interact with people at all levels.
  • Must have good command of the English language and be able to proofread work.
  • Must have a sense of the workings of a ministry, and the demands physically, emotionally and spiritually of the staff and pastors.

Working Conditions:
Must be able to multi-task and prioritize in an environment that id conducive to change, with minimal supervision.  Flexibility in adjusting schedule to accommodate outside influences while maintaining designated objectives and continuing to meet required end-dates of ongoing projects.


  • Born again believer and must adhere to the doctrines of this organization as upheld by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland and their appointed representatives
  • Must maintain a good attendance record
  • Must work well with others, as a team and according to Romans 16:17, must not cause dissension and division
  • Must be a member of EMIC, attend all church services, and support the leadership of EMIC.
  • Must be a regular tither to EMIC.
  • Must possess a servant’s heart.
  • Sensitive to needs of others, which includes a love and commitment to the members and congregation of EMIC and Kenneth Copeland Ministries staff.
  • Interpersonal skills necessary to interact with diverse groups of people, considerable skill and diplomacy in communication.  Ability to build effective working relationships inside and outside departments or groups.
  • Self-motivated and takes initiative.  Ability to react with appropriate urgency to situations and events that require quick response or turnaround.
  • Operates with pre-emptive thinking and must be discerning and able to make good judgment calls with minimum supervision.
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