Drive-In Service

Sunday, May 24, 2020
10 a.m.
EMIC Property
Event Details:

You’re invited to our next drive-in service this Sunday, May 24, at 10 a.m., CDT! Pack your family into the car, drive to the property, and invite a neighbor to caravan with you. Be here for our Pre-Show at 9:30 a.m., CDT, followed by our regular service at 10! When you arrive, we’ll show you where to park. This week, we encourage you to bring a lawn chair if you have one. You’re also welcome to back your truck in and sit in the bed! Of course, be sure to maintain your six-foot distance from the people around you.


Eagle Mountain International Church

14355 Morris Dido – Newark Rd.

Newark, TX 76071



For everyone’s safety, and to ensure you have the best possible experience, we ask that you please follow these guidelines!

  • Please follow the instructions of the signs on either side of the road.
  • Please follow the directions of ushers and traffic attendants at all times.
  • To access the audio, visit, roll down your windows to hear the speakers outside or tune into the radio station on the screen.