Voices of Victory: Angels on the Scene

voices of victory

I was driving home at night and hit some loose gravel trying to avoid a big truck coming towards me. I went over the outside line a little bit. When I pulled the car back into the lane, the back end spun out and I lost control of the car and began flipping. I’m unsure how many times it flipped. I kept spinning & rolling in the car, until I finally came to a stop, upside down. Both air bags went off & the car filled with smoke from them.

Jessica's Car Upside Down

I was hanging upside down from the seat belt, my head touching the crushed in roof of my car. I started to pray.

I saw my phone light up arms length away from me and was able to call for help.

Within a few minutes friends from church saw the accident and helped. They were able to successfully pry the door open & cut my seat belt off so I could get out of the car in no time.

I walked away from the accident. I went to the emergency room just to be checked out & they said based on my seat belt rash I should have had a broken collar bone, but I didn’t. The air bag went off in my face and my glasses didn’t break. The cover for the passenger airbag was laying on the dash in front of me and I wasn’t hit by it. Because of God’s grand design of my body, I was short enough and I didn’t have any head injuries.

I know that God’s angels were on the scene. I know that our footsteps are ordered of Him and my friends were directed to where I was. I would have been there much MUCH longer had I awaited for 911 to reply.

God’s hand was in it all.