Voices of Victory – A Testimony by Linda M.

voices of victory

On January 10, 2013 I was running late leaving the house to go to an appointment. I was brushing my teeth when my dog, Favor, a large 90 pound Rottweiler mix hit my bedroom door with a great fervency clawing at the door to be let in. I opened my bedroom door and was immediately disturbed by the fact that on this bright sunny January day I could not see across the living area or kitchen area of the old doublewide mobile home I lived in. Favor rushed past me and leapt onto the bed.

I grabbed my cell phone and rushed into the room following the sound I heard. I made it to the location of the sound and saw the breaker box in my trailer was glowing red as was the wall area just above the breaker box. I reached for a towel in order to open the breaker box and see what was going on. As I was patched through to the local volunteer fire department the lady told me to get my identification and all pets and get out of the trailer and as far away as I could.

I went back into my room and got dressed, grabbed my phone and my dog and headed out into the yard to wait for the fire department. While out in the yard I text several friends and a couple of people on staff at EMIC. I called my landlord who works at KCM and he left work and headed back to the house.

When the fire department arrived, they entered into the house and disconnected the breaker box. When I told them what I’d done,  they said the trailer should have burned to the ground. All that was apparent was some soot damage and a burned area on one wall. When I opened the breaker box I should have been electrocuted, but I was not. The trailer should have burned to the ground, but it did not.

I believe the positive outcome of this event was because I am convinced of my covenant standing in GOD and in HIS righteousness. I also have prayed the 91st Psalm over myself and my pets for a number of years. I walk in divine favor with GOD and man.