Testimony: No More Knee Pain

I want to testify about the healing that I received during the 2015 Open Door Assembly meeting.

In August of 2012, while exercising, I felt something tear in my left knee. It was swollen and painful for weeks. Since that time, my knee would improve for a while, but then if I twisted my leg getting out of the car, or took an awkward step, the pain and swelling would return. The persistent pain in my knee was a recurring problem that kept getting a little worse each time I aggravated it.

During the Open Door Assembly, it was particularly painful and swollen, so much so that it didn’t even look like my knee anymore. It was stiff and I could hardly bend it. I had to limp everywhere. Even using ice or a heating pad didn’t help; it only made the pain more intense.

On Monday evening, when Brother and Sister Copeland were laying hands on people, I got in the healing line and said to the Lord that this was it! I was tired of the pain and swelling and I was believing that when hands were laid on me I was going to receive, I declared EVERYTHING MADE RIGHT in my knee.

Brother Copeland laid hands on me and, as he did, I visualized the healing anointing being downloaded into my spirit. I returned to my seat having felt nothing. About two minutes afterwards, I sat down and I felt a warm glow that started in my chest area and spread to my abdomen.

I kept saying that everything was made right in my knee and then limped to my car. For two days, I noticed no change. I still had pain, still had swelling. Then the third night after the meeting, I woke up in the middle of the night with stabbing pain in my knee. I immediately sat up in bed, massaged my knee, and thought, “Praise God! Jesus is doing surgery on my knee!”

After awhile, I fell back asleep. When I got up the next morning, I still had pain and swelling. As I went about my day, I noticed the pain lessened and by evening, the swelling had gone down to half what it had been. I had my husband massage it more for me that evening, and the next morning my knee was even better! That was two weeks ago and my knee has NO swelling and I have NO pain. I am running up and down stairs, (and I’m 57!!) and doing everything I normally do with NO pain and NO swelling!

Praise God!! I have matching knees again!

Jean Amis

Fort Worth, Texas