Testimony: Intestinal Discomfort – GONE!

Hi Pastor George and Terri! I wanted to write to tell you that I have been healed of intestinal discomfort!

For the last two years, I have experienced discomfort in my intestinal tract, especially if I ate any foods that contained gluten. I changed my diet but had little improvement in the symptoms I experienced. Then in early February, while on vacation, the Lord began to show me areas in my life where I had violated both the command to rest and the command to walk in love. I repented and made the changes the Lord showed me to make.

Then, after the Sunday morning service of the Open Door Assembly, I decided to take a nap. While I rested, I felt an odd twitch in my intestinal tract. It was a weird feeling, but I didn’t pay much attention to it. At the Sunday evening service of the Open Door Assembly meeting that night, Brother Jerry Savelle called for people to come forward who were dealing with sicknesses of long continuance. What I had been dealing with for over two years definitely fit that that description.

After Brother Jerry laid hands on me, I went back to my seat and felt that same odd twitch in my intestinal tract again. The very next day, I had to quickly make my lunch before going to work. Because I was in a hurry, (I had been using gluten free bread until that day), I used regular bread. To my joyful surprise, I didn’t experience any of the discomfort I used to feel after eating regular bread. I continued to eat a normal diet for the rest of the week and my intestinal tract had no discomfort.

Praise God! My obedience to correct what the Lord showed me, and His healing anointing has made me normal again!


Kathyrn Amis