Testimony: Eyesight Improving

Hello! I am writing on behalf of my mother, Nonie S. Johnson, age 90.  She has had macular degeneration in her left eye for over 30 years. She received chemotherapy injections in her eyeball for over three years, every three months, and lately, every two months.

On January 18, Nonie went up to the altar for prayer for her eye. Dr. Newbury prayed for her and had a word from the Lord that “The doctor would see an improvement at the next visit.”  Well, her next visit was Tuesday, January 20th. And guess what the doctor said?!! Her eye had improved and that was the first time that he did not give her an eye injection for her left eye in ages!!!  PRAISE THE LORD!

We also were able to witness to that doctor and three nurses about the miracles occurring at EMIC. I was able to tell one nurse about a cat that we had when we lived in Tulsa, who was healed of feline leukemia-the doctor saw pinkish blood rather than rich, red blood during a regular check-up. The vet said it was probably feline leukemia so he sent the blood off for testing. On the drive to the laboratory, the blood vile broke, so he asked us to come in to take another blood sample.

In the meantime, I returned home from the vet. At the time, we lived down the street from Oral Roberts University. Nonie and I were attending Rhema Bible Training Center at that time. So, I knew I could lay hands on the cat. When I did, I felt a bolt of electricity go through the palm of my hand and the cat’s head jerked back. He obviously felt that same power! So, when the cat went back for the second blood test, when the vet extracted the rich, red, blood, his eyes got huge and he looked blankly at me!

I asked the vet, “Do you want to know what happened?” He said he did, so I told him exactly what happened. He smiled and wrote on the cat’s chart that “owner laid hands on the cat and prayed. Cat Healed !!!!”  We also had a second cat who was completely healed of feline peritonitis, when literally, at death’s door moments before he died, he was healed when we prayed with Rhema students for his miraculous healing! (Our second cat had a type of cancer that ate up various organs. He had run off while we were on vacation and when he returned to our house, the Rhema students who lived with us found him and prayed for him. They then called us, so we began praising the Lord—all the way from Virginia to Tulsa! By the time we arrived at the vet, guess who was up and well?!! Our cat!! Another miracle for our vet to see! God made animals so He can heal them, too!

God is so wonderful! Thank you and may God Bless You All!

Melanie J. Wright and Nonie S. Johnson, Daughter and Mother