Radiant Happenings! August 18

John 1:12 (TPT) says, But those who embraced him and took hold of his name he gave authority to become the children of God! 

In The Passion Translation there is a footnote for this scripture that says, “Or “those who are putting faith into his name.” To “lay hold of his name” means to believe everything he represents and put into practice what he taught in the power of his name.”

Look at the part that says, believe everything he represents”. What does Jesus represent to you? What is the first word that popped into your mind? Was it a word that had to do with the physical realm or the spirit realm? How do you feel about that being the first word that popped into your mind? AND why am I asking you all these questions? I’m asking, because often we read through the Word of God, don’t take time to think on it, or ask those questions! 

Next, look at the second part of that sentence, there is a conjunction “and”. That means we have to put both parts of that sentence into practice. But if we don’t know what He taught in the power of His name, then how can we practice it? We can’t. So take time today, to reflect on the questions I asked you, and really look into the Word at all Jesus represents and all that He taught in the power of His name so that you can fulfill this scripture in your life!

Now, here’s a look at what is happening this week into next with our Radiant groups!

  • Thursday, August 18th is our monthly Get Back Up meeting. When life knocks you down, we use the word to help you, “Get Back Up!” Meets every 3rd week on Thursday at 11:30 AM in the Hospitality Room

  • Thursday, August 18th is our monthly Women’s Business Group meeting. We have a great workshop coming up this week – “Newsletter 101”! Come learn how to setup a newsletter to keep in touch with your current and prospective clients. This group meets every 3rd Thursday at 7pm in the Hospitality Room.

  • Saturday, August 20th is our Deep group meeting. If you are you looking to go deeper in your relationship with the Lord, to experience new levels of joy and healing, and to encounter His perfect love, then join us every 3rd week on Saturday at 8am in the Hospitality room. There will be a potluck breakfast – bring something to share if you are able, but it is not required – all are welcome! 

  • Sunday, August 21st is our Marriage Re-Envisioned group for single women. Come join us as we learn the essentials of preparing for marriage. Whether you are single, divorced or widowed we have a place for you! We meet every 1st & 3rd Sunday right after service in Classroom B in the Student Life Center. You may bring lunch with you.

  • Monday, August 22nd is our weekly Radiant Discipleship group led by Pastor Cathy Grigg. We are currently going through Sister Gloria Copeland’s book on the Fruit of the Spirit, and meet at 12:15pm in the Hospitality Room. This group is also available via Zoom: Radiant Discipleship Link

  • Tuesday, August 23rd is our Growing From Glory to Glory group. A time to enjoy the Word of God, good teaching, and light refreshments with other women of EMIC. They meet every 2nd & 4th Tuesdays at 10am in the Hospitality Room.

Pastor Cathy