Do you want to change?

Sunday Outline – January 15, 2023

Last Sunday, Brother Rick Renner brought the Word, “Do you want to change?


Pools of Bethesda


John 5:1

Bro. Rick began by looking at the healing ministry of Jesus.

Jesus went up to Jerusalem, as geographically it was higher than the surrounding area.


Feast – the Word doesn’t tell us which feast is being celebrated. 

The pool of Bethesda with five porches.  It is near the Sheep Gate, surrounded by five covered colonnades or porticoes. Today the pool sits near the gate now called the Lion’s Gate (a.k.a. St. Stephen’s Gate).

Why was Jesus there?

Mary’s mother was born in a house very close to this location. This would be Jesus’ grandparents. Jesus was probably in this area to see his grandparents.

John’s gospel tells us this was originally a bathing pool. The pool was fed by what was referred to as the ‘virgins well’ as it was the cleanest, clearest water in the area.  The pool was used by the wealthy and the priests (many priests at that time were wealthy and the pool was close to their temple).

Eventually, the spring of water dried, resulting in the water becoming stagnant. The rich left and the poor and sick came. In fact, there were so many poor and sick that the Word describes them packed into the area like we would pack sardines in a tin.

With the change in use, came the change in name, which became Bethesda which means house of mercy or house of grace. This meaning may have been thought appropriate since the location was seen as a place of disgrace due to the presence of invalids.

V.1 This is when the waters were sickly.

V.4 Waiting for an angel to stir the water.

Jesus saw with a penetrating look and not just seeing the outside.

Acts 4:  They fastened their eyes on him.

Into him, they were looking inside the man to see his internal condition, and then they said, look into us – not on the outside as to what we physically have, but look INTO US, and see what is available to you, to your spirit.

When you minister to people, often what you see on the outside is a reflection of what is happening on the inside.

Jesus asks; Wilt thou be made whole?

Jesus is asking; What is it that you want me to do?

38 years this man has not worked, he had no bills to pay, and somebody else had taken care of him. All his friends are just like him, and his infirmity is now his identity.

For Jesus to give this man his life. It will mean the man needs to walk out of there, he will need to get a job, and maybe need to go back to school as technology has changed in 38 years. Jesus is saying are you ready to walk into this newest of life?

There is always a pain of change when Jesus comes to give your life back to you.

V.7 This sounds like a typical counseling session – a simple question but a convoluted answer is given.  Starts off with I don’t have anyone…

Here’s the turning point. He says Sir. He recognizes Jesus’ authority which gives Jesus authority to step in.

Luke 5:1 This was the fifth time Peter heard the Word presented (Jesus), and this time a change occurred.

V.5 Master – Peter recognized the authority of Jesus, and submitted to the authority of Jesus, so this released the miracle in his boat.

John 5:7-8 Jesus responds because He was given authority due to the recognition from Sir.

Jesus has the power to put this man back on his feet again.

Arise which is the word lift – releasing His power to the man and saying, “use what you have and give it a try!”


V.9 walked – the man literally walked around, and this is the Sabbath (Saturday). On the Sabbath, Jewish law said a person is limited with the number of steps and not to carry anything heavy, yet this man is walking many steps and carrying his bed.

V.10 A religious spirit doesn’t like change.

V.10 cured means therapy: to heal with corresponding actions, which means you have to cooperate, as it doesn’t just happen.


80% of the time Jesus said; Do something you couldn’t do, and Jesus therapied them.

When we do something we couldn’t do before by faith, this is called therapao which is when the healing (miracles) starts. 

V.13 healed – getting strong, and stronger, and stronger with each step he takes.

Now Jesus goes looking for the man to finish what was started.

V,14 When Jesus found the man, He made him whole.

Wow – you have your life back again.

It’s so easy to say; Lord I want to change. But what are you willing to give up to do what God said?

The Lord may be saying it is time to change your eating, your communication with your spouse, your schedule, or your work. For God to release His power and bring change in your life… do you really want to change or are you just trying to put blame on your life as to why things have not changed?

Lord, thank you for the mercy you have placed on us (Psalm 51). Thank you for the power of Holy Spirit to transform me as I allow you to work in my life, in Jesus’ Name.

Please take the time to click this link to hear the full message.


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