Healed twice by the Holy Spirit…twice as nice!

I was healed on January 4th, 2015 of fluid in my lungs. The fluid was in the lower parts of my diaphragm that was very painful to touch, breathe and to inhale. I received my healing while seated at church. I was healed by the Holy Spirit.

Two weeks ago on Sunday, they asked if people w hearing problems come up to the front, so I did. I was healed partially but tonight, January 7th, Dr. David Newberry touched my ears and now I hear 100% better! I also I have pain and numbness in my feet and legs which is really bad at times. But now I’m healed and have no pain or numbness. Praise the Lord for He is awesome!

I am thankful for my church and the great Godly staff with your Healing ministers, the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit! Thank you!

Carl Hensley