Pastor Mark Hankins

Sunday Outline – March 19, 2023

Five quotes that Mark Hankins has given about sowing.


Sowing is not throwing.

We need to be strategic, consistent, and expectant when sowing seed. A farmer does not drive down the road and arbitrarily throw his seed out the window, hoping it will grow. He sows strategically and systematically. He also sows his seed in prepared soil because he's expecting the best harvest.

Galatians 6:6; (TPT)

“Those who are taught in the word must share all good things with their teacher.”


God didn't design sowing to decrease us. He designed sowing to increase us so that we may have more to give. 

Proverbs 11:24-25

“Give freely and become wealthier, be stingy and lose everything. The generous will prosper. Those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.”


Harvests never get confused. Our seed is guaranteed. It has our return address on it, and it will come back to us.

Galatians 6:9; (AMPC)

“Let us not lose heart and grow weary and faint in acting nobly and doing right for in due time and at the appointed season, we shall reap if we do not loosen and relax our courage and faint.”


If you're giving doesn't affect you, neither will your harvest.

Mark says anyone can be generous no matter the size of their offering. We must sow in proportion to our ability. Sowing generously is when we take our sowing seriously.

Mark 12:43;

“Calling his disciples to him. Jesus said, I tell you the truth, this poor widow has put more into the treasury than all the others they gave out of their wealth. But she, out of her poverty put in everything, all she had to live on.”


Many people want to sing like David sang. There are a few that will dance like David danced. But it's hard to find somebody that will give like David gave.

1 Chronicles 29:3;

“And now, because of my devotion to the temple of my God, I am giving all of my private treasures of gold and silver to help in the construction. This is in addition to the building materials I have already collected for his holy temple.”

David gave over 1.5 billion dollars in today’s economy. Why? Because he set his affection on the house of the Lord.

Tongues was spoken by Trina

Interpretation of Tongues by Mark…

“Praise the Lord. So there is a river that flows from the very presence of God, right out of God Himself. And that river brings joy, and healing, and blessing. And that river flows continually throughout eternity. That river now flows even in the spirit and the heart of the believer. Out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water, as you yield to the Spirit of God. Let that river flow today out of your belly, rivers of life, rivers of healing, overflow of the life of God. It’s full of joy, and full of victory, and full of blessing. Out of your innermost being rivers of Holy Spirit shall flow and flood your life with the goodness of God. Yield to Holy Spirit and let those rivers flow today and stir yourself and the gift of God that's on the inside of you.

The Spirit of God shall bring a fresh anointing, and fresh oil; and fresh revelation along with fresh joy, and new strength and new life shall flow out of your belly continually flowing day after day, after day, so that you'll be filled full of joy, full of Holy Ghost. Be filled and filled again. That joy shall flow and shall be a demonstration of the very triumph and victory that is yours. So, yield to the Holy Ghost today and yield to the Spirit of God. And that river shall flow. There shall be an overflow of the blessing of the Lord. More than you can contain. Yield to the Holy Ghost, open your mouth wide and drink from the presence of the Lord and be filled today. Hallelujah. 

The anointing of the Holy Spirit shall destroy every yoke. It shall be explosive in energy and shall ignite the gifts of God on the inside of you. So now the anointing and a fresh oil and a greater measure of anointing shall come upon you for this time and for this season. Oh, it comes from the very presence of the Lord and the Spirit of God dwelling on the inside of you with fresh oil. Your vision shall increase, and your vision shall be clear. The dreams of the Spirit of God shall come to pass even while you're yielding to the oil of joy. The anointing, the oil of joy shall fill your heart and it shall cause you to break out of a small place and bring you out into a larger place.

So, yield to the Holy Ghost and yield to the anointing. It's the anointing that does the work. Allow the anointing to do a new work in your spirit, in your soul, in your body for such a time as this. And the anointing shall increase, and your latter days shall be greater than your former day.”

Brother Mark said he was continuing with his series, “Turn up your Joy!”   He shared that unlike a local pastor that may finish a series in a few weeks, this takes a few years as he only sees us once or twice a year.

Romans 14:17

We’re looking at the importance, and the purpose of the joy in the Holy Ghost.

The Apostle Paul says the Kingdom of God has three things. He said, you must understand righteousness, then you have peace. And then the last one, joy in the Holy Ghost.

Marks favorite quotes comes from C.S. Lewis. 

“Joy is the serious business of heaven.”

Anytime heaven is taking care of serious business, it will happen in an atmosphere of joy.  So, this morning, when you feel like you need to take care of some serious business, break out in joy. 

Holy Spirit can take care of that business supernaturally and He'll do it in the atmosphere of joy. Joy in the Holy Ghost. It's a supernatural thing. Even the anointing is called the oil of joy.

The Psalmist David said, I will be anointed with fresh oil. So, some people just need an oil change. The deeper you go in God, the greater joy you have.

What is the purpose of this joy? 

First, it's a demonstration of the triumph of Christ.

2 Corinthians 2:14;

“Now thanks being to God who always causes us to triumph in Christ Jesus.”

He always causes us to Triumph. The word triumph literally means a celebration after the victory

Are you still fighting for it, or are you seeing yourself celebrating after the fact?

Colossians 2:15; says that Jesus spoiled principality, made a show of them openly triumphing over them. What Jesus did in His resurrection when He was raised from the dead, He had a celebration, which some writers say He had a parade through downtown eternity.

James 1:2-4 tells us how we're supposed to act.

Your joy or your rejoicing is a demonstration that satan is defeated. Victory is already yours!

Bro. Kenneth Hagin would say, “I do most of my rejoicing when I'm having the most difficult time.”

At the start of the trial (when the pressure begins), is when I do my rejoicing, my shouting, and my laughing. If you wait until you are in the full heat of the trial, it will be harder for you to start.

When the Apostle Paul says, count it all joy, knowing this that the trying of your faith works patience. Let patience have its perfect work that you may be what? Perfect, and wanting nothing. That means I'm coming out of this situation. And on the other side I'll be perfect, and entire, wanting nothing. Everything I'm believe for, every dream God's ever given me, it shall all come to pass! So, I will go ahead and rejoice about it right now. I praise Him right now. Amen.

We often need to turn up our joy level.  We need to be operating at maximum level to continually be walking in God’s maximum BLESSINGS.

Medical science tells us that your body cannot tell the difference between a real laugh and a fake laugh. In other words, your body receives the same benefit whether you are genuinely laughing or just doing a fake laugh. We'll call that a faith laugh.

Somebody says, I think that's just you doing that. That's exactly right. A faith laugh.

Smith Wigglesworth said, faith laughs at impossibility.

MD Anderson Hospital, one of the best hospitals in the world have laughing classes for their patients. They offer an exercise that uses rhythmic clapping, simulated laughter and yoga-like breathing to enhance a person's well-being.

Brother Mark shared that he learned from Brother Copeland and Deuteronomy where God said, these blessings were hindered, or these curses came on you. The blessings were hindered because you did not serve the Lord in gladness.

Psalm 126 says, the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream? Yes.

They said it was like a dream coming to pass. One translation says it seemed too good to be true. How many like to have some dreams come to pass? 

So it says, when the Lord turned again, means he turned things once and now he's turning it again.

The Lord turned. In other words, man didn't do it. My education didn't do it. People didn't do it. But when I yielded to the spirit of the Lord, the Holy Spirit got involved in that situation and he turned my captivity and filled my mouth with laughter. We were like those that dream. It's like a dream coming to pass.

Have you ever had a dream come to pass? Do you believe God has more dreams coming to pass for you? So lets just laugh. <Ha ha ha>. 

A lot of times people see individuals like you laughing and getting full of joy. They think it's kind of silly.

But the Lord told me, "If you only knew what happens in the Spirit when you rejoice."


It’s time to turn the joy up

Level one – smiling

Level two – laughing

Level three – start shouting

Level four – start dancing

If God's laughing… even if you don't understand the joke, you just laugh out of respect.

Some are waiting for God to give you a dance like David did before the Lord.  The Lord said to Mark, “Son, a dance ain't something I'll give you. It's something you give me.”

There is no limit to God's giving except our capacity to receive. He increases my capacity to receive.


When I was first married, Trina and I were give a microwave oven.  I didn’t think it was good for much apart from making popcorn. I used to have microwaved popcorn almost every night. I would put the popcorn in and set the time for 3 minutes & 45 seconds.

I would watch it cooking through the little window. I'd put my football game on television; then I'd put the popcorn in, lay that bag in there, and the first minute nothing happened… I thought this thing isn’t working. 

Second minute… nothing happened. This thing isn’t working.

Two minutes, 45 seconds, and I heard one pop.

Very significant pop. It's very encouraging. 

This pop is so you don’t give up on the process. Some of you today are ready for a pop, and you hadn't had one in a long time.

Then you get a second pop, you know, the second pop goes; pop, pop, pop, pop. 

Then the last minute you will hear many pops.


The Lord said this to me. "Don't be upset, have patience." If you hadn't got a pop in a while, don’t get impatient, because you have a pop coming.

Every dream you ever had, every miracle you ever believed in; God can pop the whole bag in the last few seconds.

If you hadn't got a pop in a while, you might be on defrost. It’s time to turn your faith back up on high.

Turn it back up to 10 high.

Dad Hagen would say, the word will work for you.

While I was laughing, while I was praising God, my dream came to pass. 

A merry heart is good like medicine. Somebody may say what are you laughing about? You say, I'm on medication.

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