Government Shutdown Resources

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• Credit Unions are providing low or interest-free loans that are equal to the government employees paycheck value.

• For existing members: many banks are waving or refunding late fees, extending payments on car loans and leases, and protecting customers credit histories.

• Companies like AT&T and Verizon are adjusting late fees, provide extensions, and will coordinate with you on revised payment schedules.

• We recommend you reach out to your providers and banks to ask what assistance may be available.

Banks and Credit Unions


Launch Federal Credit Union –

0% APR. The maximum term 12 months. Loan amount equal to the amount of one biweekly or two weekly net paychecks. Maximum loan amount is $3,000.

Justice Federal Credit Union –

Unsecured, low-interest rate loans and deferred payments to Members of the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security affected by the Federal Government Shutdown. 6-months of Membership is required.

The U.S. Employees Credit Union –

For members, Interest-free (0.00% APR) and for a term of up to 60 days. Loan amounts will be calculated by rounding your last bi-weekly direct deposit down to the nearest $100.00 increment. For example, if your last government pay was $3,479.41, your loan amount will be $3,400.00. If your direct deposit is deposited into more than one USECU account, your loan amount will be based upon the total amount of direct deposits.


For eligible members, USAA Federal Savings Bank is offering a special government shutdown loan program and other relief to impacted federal employees, including deferred payments, special payment arrangements and mortgage assistance payment programs.

Navy Federal Credit Union

For members, you may be eligible for government shutdown assistance if your pay is impacted, you’ve set up direct deposit of payment with Navy Federal, and you are:

Chase Bank

Waiving or refunding late fees for account holders

Extending payments on car loans and leases 

Protecting customers’ credit histories

Wells Fargo

The bank will work with individuals and business banking customers

U.S. Bank

Qualified federal government employees can apply for a $100-$6,000 low-rate, quick loan. It is available to customers with any U.S. Bank product.



Their customer service team will adjust late fees, provide extensions, and coordinate with you on revised payment schedules.


Flexible payment options