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U-Turn World Ministries

According to a recent article in the Wise County Messenger, U-Turn World Ministries’ farmers market is producing some very good fruit. U-Turn Ministries is a Christian discipleship home that helps men who are battling with drug addiction, alcoholism and depression by introducing them to the transforming power of God’s word.  Along with attending Bible studies… Read more »

Missouri Disaster Relief Update

The congregation of Eagle Mountain Church generously donated food, water, toiletry items, shelving and ministering materials that were delivered to the Hope Center Food and Clothing Ministry.  We also donated a pallet jack and a Feed the Children semi-truck filled with food and toiletry products. 1 John 3:17-18 says, “But whoever has the world’s goods,… Read more »

Report from Alabama

It is a blessing to be part of church reaching out and loving the people. I don’t know that I can form words for what we have been experiencing the last 5 hours. There are people who are grateful and others traumatized that just need someone to sit with them, hold their hand and bring them a cup of water. There are people who have lost their family, their home, and their neighborhoods are unrecognizable. There are needs for some to have help with repairs and many who need to know how to start over.